Capture. Convert. Close.

Bridge the gap between website visitors and sales leads.

What is BridgeLeads?

BridgeLeads is an online marketing tool designed to complement advertising campaigns and increase website visitor conversions by turning them into leads and leads into sales. BridgeLeads was developed by internet marketing agency Rock My Image as a way to bridge the gap between advertising and online marketing for improved ROI.

Who is BridgeLeads for?


Improve Lead Generation, Sales Conversions & Overall ROI.


Enhance Campaign Results, Improve Metrics and Retain Clients Longer.

Sales Reps:

Increase Service Value, Differentiate from Competitors and Generate Additional Income.

How does BridgeLeads work?

BridgeLeads works by nurturing website visitors to become a lead through online marketing.

The more conversions from Visitor to Lead (Lead Conversions) and Lead to Sale (Sales Conversions) the more short-term and long-term profitability of an advertising campaign.

BridgeLeads Enhancement Overview:

Let’s say you have an advertising campaign that normally generates 100 leads which then turns into 30 customers at a 30% conversion rate.

BridgeLeads is added to the campaign and increases the Lead and Sales conversion rates by 20% improving the results to 120 leads turning into 40 customers.

Take into consideration the lifetime value of a customer and a small improvement on increasing conversions can have a huge impact down to the bottom line.

Leverage BridgeLeads for Better Results!

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