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BridgeLeads offers a variety of automated marketing solutions aimed to generate more conversions and improve ROI on sales.

BridgeLeads offers foundational packages that include the core solutions noted below OR more robust packages offer additional functionality paired with professional Creative Services.

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BridgeLeads Foundation:

Prospect Nurture

Nurture prospects to build rapport, credibility and lead tracking.

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Problem: Lead Follow Up

Your advertising campaign has generated phone calls and email leads, but your business lacks a professional system for easily tracking and following up with leads. Consequently, you are missing out on sales revenue and earned business. In addition, you may be questioning the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Solution: Prospect Nurture

With the Prospect Nurture Solution, your company will have an easy to use tool for gathering leads so you can better track results. Being able to track leads through a private online portal will allow you to build rapport and credibility with new prospects and create a sales funnel that can be managed.

Reviews Ramp

Increase valuable online reviews for improved visibility and crucial feedback.

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Problem: Online Reviews

Recently, you’ve noticed your competition has Google reviews which seem to be moving their website ahead of yours on searches. You would like to implement a solution that turns your raving fans into positive online reviews and diminishes the chances of negative reviews from appearing.

Solution: Reviews Ramp

With the Reviews Ramp Solution, you can acquire crucial feedback and get valuable online reviews. Feedback from positive patient surveys can become online reviews and negative feedback can be identified and addressed offline by your customer service team.

Niche Nurture

Educate customers on key products and services and nurture enagement.

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Problem: Client Education

As your products and services evolve and grow, you need a system to regularly communicate with referral partners, past clients and current clients on your key products and services. The ability to know which individuals may be interested in which products would be helpful to you to target your marketing message.

Solution: Niche Nurture

The Niche Nurture Solution gives you the tools to educate customers on key products and services. Our easy to implement system ensures that the right people see the right message at the right time. Niche Nurture is a great supplement to your existing advertising campaign.

Inquiry Intelligence

Obtain identification information about the visitors to your site and track it.

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Problem: Prospect Insight

The sales team in your company has prospects in an email list and regularly communicates with them. However, there seems to be  a disconnect between leads and closed business. More intelligence is needed to help your team craft better messaging and to fine tune their sales approach.

Solution: Inquiry Intelligence

With the Inquiry Intelligence Solution, you will obtain important customer information for your sales team with Visitor ID. Visitor ID identifies those prospects that visit your website, tracks their interests and tells you their behavior on your website so you can make better sales decisions.

Focused Segmentation

Segment your customers to provide more targeted and effective messaging and offers.

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Problem: Uncategorized Email Lists

Your company has an email list, but it lacks categorization into target markets. The messages that are communicated to the list are general and not currently created specifically based on an individuals interests or behaviors. You would benefit from knowing which people are interested in which services to create tailor made marketing campaigns that have better results.

Solution: Focused Segmentation

For companies looking to sort through long email lists to organize leads, Focused Segmentation Solution offers a great way to segment customer lists to offer personalized, targeted messaging and offers.

Newsletter Nurture

Grow your e-mail list and increase action with your subscribers.

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Problem: Subscriber List Growth

Email marketing is an efficient, effective and affordable way to nurture the sales relationship with prospects and communicate new service offerings to current clients. You would like to build your email list naturally with relevant, interested and pre-qualified potential customers to improve the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Solution: Newsletter Nurture

The Newsletter Nurture Solution gives advertisers a seamless system for converting website visitors into leads that can be nurtured. We eliminate the need for pre-purchased email lists or spammy emails that have a high opt-out rate. Organically grow your subscriber list and nurture new subscribers with Newsletter Nurture.

BridgeLead Upgrades:

Engagement Edge

Increase engagement with your business or company to build rapport and credibility and increase customer retention.

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Problem: Company Credibility

Many companies regularly promote their business, products and services but do not engage with their audience to get interaction and feedback and can lose business due to perceived indifference.

Solution: Engagement Edge

Engage with your customers to let them feel valued, better understand their interests and increase customer retention and the lifetime value of a customer.

Promo Offer

Gain better control of sales by increasing conversions on targeted items, products and services.

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Problem: Website Visitor Actions

Visitors to your website often “hit” the website and “bounce” off the pages quickly without taking action. Tools are needed to engage the viewers and incentivize them to take action to increase the conversion rate of your site and to improve sales.

Solution: Promo Offer

With the Promo Offer Solution, your business will increase by having a system in place to offer promotions, discounts and downloads to drive action and engagement on your website. Decrease your bounce rate and improve sales with Promo Offer.

Custom Survey

Gain valuable feedback and information to make better marketing, sales and business decisions.

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Problem: Project Insight

Your company reputation is important to you and making customer feedback has been the cornerstone of your business. With an easy to use system to survey your customers, you can identify new business opportunities, find ways to improve your marketing efforts and improve customer service. Surveys can gather valuable insight about new products and services AND save you time and money in product development.

Solution: Custom Survey

Feedback from your customers is an important way to maintain your reputation, but surveys created in the Custom Survey Solution can empower you to gain valuable information to build your business with feedback options for new projects and ideas you may be looking to implement.

Behavioral Marketing

Market targeted promotions to your customers based on their profile and their actions.

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Problem: Sales Funnel

A highly sophisticated approach to marketing is needed in your company. Advertising campaigns are successful at driving visitors to your website, but you would like to improve conversions by sending timely, targeted and effective automated marketing campaigns geared toward viewers based on their behaviors and actions on your website.

Solution: Behavioral Marketing

Send targeted messages based off of user interactions such as Visiting a page, User Input or Time Based activity with the Behavioral Marketing Solution. This solution works to move a website visitor down the sales funnel from visitor to lead using automated email marketing that works.

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